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  1. 12/04/2012
    Reducció de CO2, eficiència o crisi
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  2. 01/02/2012
    “Environment Committee calls for ETS credits to be set aside” Emissions Trading System (ETS) credits should be taken out of the next phase of trading to help lift the sinking carbon price, said Environment Committee MEPs on Tuesday. MEPs also voted o...
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  3. 01/02/2012
    “Single EU Registry activated for aircraft operators” Today another step was taken in the implementation of the inclusion of aviation in the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). As announced last November, the European Commission has partially activ...
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  4. 11/01/2012
    “Trade wars and morals” LET'S say you think enslaving children is bad, and you decide that foreign companies that use forced child-labour should be barred from marketing their wares in the United States. Should that be allowed, under international tr...
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  5. 02/12/2011
    “Preparations for transition to the single registry” Following consultations with Member States the Commission has decided to activate the single registry in two steps. In a first step and as of 30 January 2012 the single registry will be partially a...
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  6. 18/11/2011
    “New ETS registry rules to enter into force” On 18 November the European Commission expects formally to adopt the new registry rules. These rules enable the roll-out of substantially improved security features in the single registry in two steps next...
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  7. 27/09/2011
    “European Commission sets the rules for allocation of free emissions allowances to airlines” Today the European Commission has taken an important step for the aviation industry to join other economic sectors in the fight against climate change. Aviat...
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  8. 28/06/2011
    “Scontro Europa-Usa sui veleni degli aerei” Nancy Young, vicepresidente Ata: «Le compagnie Usa si oppongono a direttiva Ue su emissioni CO2» Non vi è dubbio che il settore aereo sia in forte espansione. Se solo ci si basa sulle stime di due tra i mag...
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  9. 23/06/2011
    “The emissions omitted” The usual figures ignore the role of trade in the world’s carbon economy WHICH do you value: production or consumption? The preference has long defined economic questions ranging from tax policies to development. Now it matter...
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  10. 13/04/2011
    “ETS, nel 2010 le emissioni europee sono aumentate del 3%” L’industria torna a produrre e i livelli di inquinanti riprendono a salire. Monitorando i 10.221 impianti aderenti all’Emission Trading Scheme l’Europa ha rilevato anche la crescita della CO2...
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