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  1. 07/08/2020
    A daily summary of our news plus bite-sized updates from around the world.
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  2. 06/08/2020
    RGGI Allowances (RGA) dipped slightly on the secondary market this week as traders expressed wariness of future bullish support, while California Carbon Allowances (CCA) began to stagnate ahead of the August WCI auction.
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  3. 06/08/2020
    Pennsylvania intends to be an active participant in the 2021 RGGI programme review as it aims to join in 2022, with the Keystone State expected to be a net seller in the power sector ETS, officials said Thursday.
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  4. 06/08/2020
    The supply-regulating MSR has so far worked well to stabilise EU carbon prices during the pandemic, a study released this week shows, but the mechanism as it is currently calibrated may prove ineffective in dealing with longer-term demand shocks.
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  5. 06/08/2020
    Russia must take steps to clean up its big-emitting industry to avoid falling foul of the EU's proposed carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM), a Russian business group has warned.
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  6. 06/08/2020
    EUAs hit a two-week high above €27 on Thursday as improved industry data and bullish technical signals encouraged buying, before retracing those gains following a bearish auction and signs that recent market strength may be over-extended.
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  7. 06/08/2020
    Maine finalised its post-2020 RGGI regulation on Thursday, leaving New York as the only power sector ETS member state left to advance the revised Model Rule.
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  8. 06/08/2020
    Airline Lufthansa has reported a 95% passenger capacity collapse in Q2 amid lockdown restrictions to contain the pandemic, with the company not expecting a full recovery from pre-COVID levels until 2024.
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  9. 06/08/2020
    China’s response to the COVID-19 crisis has not been as carbon intensive as some had feared, but the backseat role given to environmental issues is raising concerns over the climate content of the forthcoming 14th five-year plan, according to a study...
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  10. 06/08/2020
    South Korean companies have cancelled nearly 800,000 UN-issued CERs from projects abroad over the past couple of weeks, with a view to having them re-issued as credits eligible in the already oversupplied domestic emissions trading scheme.
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