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  1. 25/02/2021
    California Carbon Allowance (CCA) prices rose on the secondary market this week on the heels of the second consecutive WCI auction selling out, as RGGI allowance (RGA) values slipped ahead of the programme’s own quarterly sale next week.
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  2. 25/02/2021
    A WCI-modelled carbon market bill passed its first committee in the Washington state legislature on Thursday, but a key senator signalled that he will tether the act’s ultimate implementation to lawmakers also enacting a transportation funding packag...
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  3. 25/02/2021
    EUAs slipped 2.3% on Thursday after an early drive higher floundered and wider markets fell, halting this week's run of late upward moves towards EU carbon's all-time high above €40.
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  4. 25/02/2021
    US biofuel credit (RINs) values rose during the first half of the week as the widening bean oil-heating oil spread propelled prices higher under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), while next-year D3 credits traded on Thursday as entities potentially ...
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  5. 25/02/2021
    The EU cannot backslide on ambition when reforming the bloc’s carbon market rules for intra-EU aviation as a result of a weakened global aviation offsetting system, a senior official said Thursday.
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  6. 25/02/2021
    Exchange operator ICE will relocate its EU carbon allowance trading from its London-based hub to the Netherlands on June 7 due to Brexit-related limitations, it announced Thursday.
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  7. 25/02/2021
    The European Commission has launched a year-long project assessing options to introduce an EU system for certifying carbon removals, inspired by existing carbon standards.
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  8. 25/02/2021
    The California Compliance Offset Protocol Task Force (OPTF) pushed back Wednesday against criticism from two environmental and environmental justice (EJ) members who resigned this month, arguing the former appointees misrepresented the group’s charte...
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  9. 25/02/2021
    UK utility Drax reported a 26% rise in its ETS-covered emissions for 2020, as the company drew down its coal stockpiles and prepares to withdraw from burning fossil fuels, the company said in its results on Thursday.
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  10. 25/02/2021
    Facilities covered by Australia’s National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) scheme saw a 3% year-on-year drop in their GHG output for FY2019-20, with utility AGL remaining the nation’s biggest emitter by far at more than twice the amount than t...
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