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  1. 19/09/2019
    California Carbon Allowance (CCA) secondary market prices sank this week as participants looked to shift positions further out on the curve, while RGGI allowances (RGAs) rose slightly on thin volume.
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  2. 19/09/2019
    Pennsylvania Republicans implored the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on Thursday to receive legislative approval before exploring any future linkage with a regional carbon market, mirroring future bill language floated by a bipa...
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  3. 19/09/2019
    The EU is poised to leave open whether to defend its right to include flights in its ETS, despite expectations that the UN’s ICAO will seek to shut down what many see as the world’s most ambitious aviation climate policy.
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  4. 19/09/2019
    European carbon prices rose on Thursday, recovering some of the losses of the past two sessions as the wider energy complex moved higher on reignited supply concerns and mounting geopolitical tensions.
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  5. 19/09/2019
    Established global investment management firm Autonomy Capital is seeking to hire a Research Assistant.
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  6. 19/09/2019
    France sold all 4,448 GWh of GO certificates at its first monthly auction, host platform Powernext said on Thursday of the closely-watched process that market watchers say is key for price direction.
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  7. 19/09/2019
    Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator has revoked a batch of seven coal mine waste methane projects owned by Our Energy Group, after previously cancelling contracts to buy 2.75 million carbon credits from them.
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  8. 19/09/2019
    South Korean carbon allowances extended their record highs yet again in Thursday trade, adding 7% as buyers scrambled to pick up the few available scraps of supply.
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  9. 19/09/2019
    Australia’s Northern Territory on Thursday announced an aspirational net zero emissions target by 2050, a move it said will boost the state’s carbon offset industry although details still need to be worked out.
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  10. 19/09/2019
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