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  1. 29/07/2021
    California Carbon Allowance (CCA) prices dropped further this week as traders began to turn their attention to next month’s quarterly WCI sale, while RGGI Allowance (RGA) values climbed closer to the $9 level on heightened speculative interest.
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  2. 29/07/2021
    Two privately-owned Bulgarian coal-fired plants may have saved around €30 mln in EU ETS obligations by under-declaring verified emissions covered by the EU ETS, according to a media investigation.
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  3. 29/07/2021
    Melbourne-based Renewable Energy Hub is launching a new OTC-based trading platform for carbon and clean energy products, it announced Friday, offering a range of compliance and voluntary instruments primarily targeting the Asia-Pacific region.
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  4. 29/07/2021
    UK utility Drax notched a 56% year-on-year cut in its ETS-covered generation for H1, after the company had largely drawn down its coal stockpiles.
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  5. 29/07/2021
    Italian utility Enel followed other major European generators in posting an uptick in EU ETS-covered thermal generation for H1 on Thursday, in line with an EU-wide rebound following last year's pandemic restrictions.
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  6. 29/07/2021
    EUAs ended the day slightly higher, drawn up by sharply higher natural gas and power prices. Participants reported healthy buying interest as prices dipped amid rumours of some industrial installations selling freely allocated EUAs.
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  7. 29/07/2021
    The US Senate voted to begin debate Tuesday night on a bipartisan infrastructure deal featuring provisions on clean energy, CCS, and hydrogen, but some Democrats called for legislators to go much further than these carbon reduction strategies.
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  8. 29/07/2021
    Steelmaker ArcelorMittal has set itself a 2030 greenhouse gas reduction objective across its global operations and raised its European climate target, it said in quarterly results on Thursday.
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  9. 29/07/2021
    China’s new pilot scheme to add carbon to environmental impact assessments will complement the national ETS, with the steel industry set to be the most affected, analysts said Thursday.
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  10. 29/07/2021
    A new global cross-stakeholder initiative aims to agree on how companies should use carbon credits and ensure the voluntary carbon market contributes to Paris Agreement goals.
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