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  1. 27/05/2022
    California Carbon Allowance (CCA) prices lifted this week both before and after the release of the May WCI auction result, while RGGI Allowance (RGA) values inched down on continued heavy spread trading and before the programme’s own Q2 sale next wee...
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  2. 27/05/2022
    A bill that would tether California cap-and-trade emitters’ offset usage to WCI allowance supply in the event of future linkages with other jurisdictions passed a full floor vote on Thursday, sending it on to the next legislative chamber.
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  3. 26/05/2022
    One of the world’s largest social media companies has bought carbon removal offsets from timber used in buildings as it steps up its plans to become negative net-zero emissions by 2030.
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  4. 26/05/2022
    The California-Quebec current vintage auction settled at yet another all-time peak during the May sale, with the sale clearing at the high end of traders’ expectations, according to results published Thursday.
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  5. 26/05/2022
    A new crediting approach for High Forest, Low Deforestation (HFLD) jurisdictions is a credible way of incentivising the avoidance of deforestation in areas anchored by the large areas of intact forest, argue members of the Forests for Life Partnershi...
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  6. 26/05/2022
    Brokerage Vertis is looking for a new head of research after its chief analyst resigned after more than 10 years with the firm.
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  7. 26/05/2022
    EU carbon prices advanced for a third day despite thin trade on Thursday, as prices breached technical resistance amid a lack of selling interest, while a significant lack of auction supply over the next week was also seen as supportive.
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  8. 26/05/2022
    The role reports into the Deputy CEO and is responsible in leading the Vertis’s Market Research and Analysis team, its strategy, and operations.
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  9. 26/05/2022
    Insurance mechanisms are emerging as a way to guard against policy reversal in carbon markets, where some say these products could mitigate the risk of government U-turns or other political risks associated with Paris-aligned emissions trade.
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  10. 26/05/2022
    A new flexible methodology in Australia’s carbon market expected to attract more landholders to start projects and with the potential to scale up offset supply significantly is likely ready for implementation around February next year, according to i...
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