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  1. 24/05/2024
    A group of 19 US Republican state attorneys generals (AGs) filed a petition Wednesday asking the nation's highest court to prohibit efforts by Democratic-led states to hold oil producers financially liable for the climate impacts of fossil fuels.
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  2. 23/05/2024
    Carbon removals (CDR) could contribute meaningfully to compliance carbon pricing systems but they should be limited to a certain percentage of total emissions permits and may be subdivided by durability, CEO Antti Vihavainen told Carbon Pu...
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  3. 23/05/2024
    Los transportistas se enfrentan a subidas del gasóleo de hasta 25 cts vinculadas a las emisiones de CO2  Ruta del Transporte
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  4. 23/05/2024
    HiperDino reduce 2,4 millones de kg de CO2 gracias a envases reutilizables  El Digital Sur
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  5. 23/05/2024
    Boffins from Cambridge University in the UK have become the latest to claim the green cement mantle with their idea of “electric recycling of Portland cement” featuring on BBC news this week, adding to the growing band of innovators seeking an emissi...
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  6. 23/05/2024
    EU carbon permit prices ended Thursday moderately weaker for a second day even after setting yet another four-month high, as natural gas markets continued their volatile rally and breached a key technical level, while UK Allowances strengthened for a...
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  7. 23/05/2024
    Zero Carbon Systems has acquired Global Thermostat, one of the first direct air capture (DAC) startups, in a deal valued at tens of millions of dollars.
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  8. 23/05/2024
    A UK venture capital firm has successfully closed a £20 million funding round to invest in European pre-seed and seed-stage companies developing scientific solutions for decarbonisation.
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  9. 23/05/2024
    A blockchain marketplace for enabling transparent sales of biodiversity credits is almost ready to begin selling, following a partnership between credit developer RePlanet with a certification organisation and a blockchain company, Carbon Pulse has l...
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  10. 23/05/2024
    Hungary’s energy and climate minister said the country will focus on advancing the green transition across the 27-nation bloc, as among the top climate and energy priorities during its turn with the EU presidency from July until year end.
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