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  1. 22/03/2019
    A summary of legislative action on carbon pricing and clean energy bills at the US state level taken this week, including Colorado legislation to implement formal GHG targets, a court case on Washington state’s blocked Clean Air Rule, and a Californi...
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  2. 22/03/2019
    EUAs dropped to a fresh three-week low on Friday as carbon continued to be dragged down by tumbling gas prices and Brexit uncertainties.
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  3. 22/03/2019
    Italian utility Enel remained substantially behind on its hedging rates by year-end, it said in financial results late Thursday, potentially giving a bullish signal for carbon.
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  4. 22/03/2019
    California's Air Resources Board (ARB) is seeking an Air Pollution Specialist with experience in, or knowledge of, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions monitoring, reporting, and verification, or GHG lifecycle assessment or GHG inventory development.
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  5. 22/03/2019
    The successful candidate will contribute to environmental policies or programs as part of Environmental and Climate Change Canada. Task performed may include – but are not limited to - policy analysis, research, preparation of briefing material and r...
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  6. 22/03/2019
    EU carbon prices could spike to €40 or higher over the next two years as industrial companies are increasingly likely to hoard units, leaving others scrambling, analysts said this week.
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  7. 22/03/2019
    The UK government is to further extend the country’s 2018 EU ETS compliance deadline, giving emitters a bit more time to buy and surrender required carbon units, as the scheduled Brexit date was also pushed back amid negotiations nearing climax.
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  8. 22/03/2019
    Swiss lawmakers have given final approval to the country’s carbon market link with the EU ETS, paving the way for the connection to start next January.
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  9. 22/03/2019
    New Hampshire’s House of Representatives approved a RGGI bill Thursday that would increase funding to energy efficiency projects and removes a clause that would force the state out of the northeast US ETS.
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  10. 22/03/2019
    Closing prices, ranges and volumes for China's regional pilot carbon markets this week.
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