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  1. 19/09/2019
    The Alliance seeks to recruit a Coordinator who will be recruited under the RCC Kampala Ci-ACA project by RCC Kampala, on behalf of UNFCCC, through the East African Development Bank (EADB).
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  2. 19/09/2019
    The UK government has awarded a contract to build and maintain an emissions trading registry for use when the country leaves the EU.
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  3. 18/09/2019
    A bipartisan group of Pennsylvania state lawmakers will introduce legislation this fall that may prevent the state from implementing a RGGI-linked ETS or carbon tax through regulatory channels, arguing that such a climate policy must be authorised by...
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  4. 18/09/2019
    Italy-based utility Enel aims to cut its emissions intensity by 70% under 2017 levels by 2030, it said on Wednesday, extending a company-wide target as one of a handful of firms to set an independently verified goal aligned with the 1.5C Paris Agreem...
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  5. 18/09/2019
    The German government will on Friday unveil its comprehensive new climate plan, which is said to centre around a domestic emissions trading scheme for the country’s transportation and heating sectors.
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  6. 18/09/2019
    EUAs posted big losses for a second straight day on Wednesday, as much of the energy market declined when France's EDF said there was no need to close any of its nuclear reactors after it last week flagged the discovery of faulty components.
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  7. 18/09/2019
    The Trump Administration revoked California’s Clean Air Act waiver to set its own more stringent vehicle GHG standards on Wednesday, likely setting up a contentious legal battle between the US federal government and the Golden State.
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  8. 18/09/2019
    The addition of a low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS) in Washington state’s Puget Sound region could slash the carbon intensity (CI) of transportation fuels by over a quarter during the next decade with little economic impact, according to analysis relea...
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  9. 18/09/2019
    The Independent Planning Commission in Australia’s New South Wales on Wednesday rejected plans by South Korean firm KEPCO to build a new coal mine, citing environmental impact concerns and that the company had not done enough to limit greenhouse gas ...
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  10. 18/09/2019
    South Korean carbon allowances hit record highs for the third consecutive session on Wednesday, as the few emitters yet to acquire the allowances they need before the impending compliance deadline are forced to pay higher prices.
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