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  1. 14/11/2019
    The EU member state-owned European Investment Bank (EIB) will stop lending money to unabated fossil fuel projects at the end of 2021, it said late on Thursday, as green groups welcomed the move despite a loophole that gives limited potential to sides...
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  2. 14/11/2019
    European carbon prices dropped to a new one-month low on Thursday, on what traders called a mix of technical selling and bearish pressures.
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  3. 14/11/2019
    The Climate Markets Associate plays a key role in our work to scale carbon market finance in natural climate solutions (NCS) through affecting public and corporate policy and practices. They will provide support in driving both corporate and governme...
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  4. 14/11/2019
    The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will partner with green group The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to help Appalachian landowners develop forestry offset projects for the voluntary market, the entities announced Wednesday.
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  5. 14/11/2019
    This role is central to managing the company's climate change and environmental compliance obligations. You will coordinate and analyse data from across the Company working with multiple departments and external auditors to meet legal and business re...
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  6. 14/11/2019
    New Zealand has launched a public consultation round on the rules for auctioning NZUs and how its cost containment reserve (CCR) will work when it replaces the NZ$25 fixed price option next year.
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  7. 14/11/2019
    The Green Climate Fund (GCF) board on Thursday approved a $100 million loan to an Asian Development Bank-led project in China’s Shandong province against the votes of the US and Japan, the first time the fund has backed a Chinese project.
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  8. 14/11/2019
    Europe’s biggest emitter RWE advanced its hedging rate over Q3 to result in a slightly more covered position compared to previous years amid accelerating declines of its thermal generation, it said in financial results on Thursday.
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  9. 13/11/2019
    A daily summary of our news plus bite-sized updates from around the world.
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  10. 13/11/2019
    California handed out nearly 821,000 new compliance offsets this week, with the mine methane capture (MMC) and forestry protocols making up a bulk of that new supply, according to data released Wednesday.
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