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  1. 24/01/2022
    California gasoline consumption rose in October but still stayed beneath pre-pandemic levels, as diesel usage fell significantly from a decade-high watermark the month prior, according to state data published Friday.
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  2. 24/01/2022
    RMI’s Climate Intelligence Program is seeking a Manager to join our Carbon Markets and Offsets Initiative. This new initiative seeks to improve the transparency, efficiency, and quality of offset markets, ultimately accelerating progress towards a 50...
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  3. 24/01/2022
    Nature-based voluntary emissions reduction (VER) contracts soared to new peaks last week on heavy volume as market participants said commodity trading houses and funds were joining fossil fuel companies in snapping up both standardised and project-sp...
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  4. 24/01/2022
    A group of 57 green finance experts advising the EU has slammed European Commission plans to label gas and nuclear power investments as sustainable, strongly opposing what it saw as loose emissions curbs for gas projects.
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  5. 24/01/2022
    European governments are under increasing pressure to protect households from sky-high heating and power prices under the unfolding region’s gas crisis, but the resulting relief programmes have the potential to dampen carbon pricing signals and put t...
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  6. 24/01/2022
    A European carbon project developer is in discussions with 20 host governments to secure correspondingly adjusted carbon credits for the voluntary market, amid building corporate demand.
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  7. 24/01/2022
    EUAs fell back from a two-week high on Monday as prospects of a Russian attack on Ukraine dragged riskier assets lower on both sides of the Atlantic. 
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  8. 24/01/2022
    We are looking for a Carbon Market Correspondent based in Australia or New Zealand to help us bolster and expand our coverage.
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  9. 24/01/2022
    If you enjoy working in a small, but rapidly growing team and delivering high quality work that has an impact, you will thrive working for Corporate Carbon.
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  10. 24/01/2022
    Opportunity to step into a newly created role to drive and inform the decarbonisation ambitions of Viva Energy and its customers, by leading carbon and energy assessment, reduction, certification and reporting initiatives.
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