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  1. 05/12/2019
    California’s cumulative fuel consumption maintained its slight edge above last year’s levels through August, but transportation emissions are likely to remain on par with 2018, state data showed.
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  2. 04/12/2019
    EUAs rose sharply on Wednesday on a much stronger auction result and a pause in energy market losses.
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  3. 04/12/2019
    Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government will not meet its emission goals through its suite of environmental policies revealed last year, with the jurisdiction’s proposed output-based pricing system (OBPS) revealed to be even weaker than previously exp...
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  4. 04/12/2019
    Shanxi has become the latest Chinese province to launch a programme for generating forest carbon credits, local media reported, a move that could see its offsets gain eligibility in the nation’s ETS and even eventually in ICAO’s CORSIA aviation schem...
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  5. 04/12/2019
    UN officials produced a slightly thinner new version of text for an international emissions trade rulebook under the Paris Agreement’s Article 6 on Wednesday, though negotiators showed few signs of compromise in initial exchanges.
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  6. 04/12/2019
    A daily summary of our news plus bite-sized updates from around the world.
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  7. 04/12/2019
    RGGI market participants are anticipating the upcoming Q4 auction to settle in line with the secondary market as the future potential expansion of the scheme to neighbouring states is overshadowing declining emissions in the Northeast region.
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  8. 04/12/2019
    Rising CO2 emissions from natural gas and oil in 2019 will more than offset abatement progress from lower coal usage in major economies, according to research published Wednesday.
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  9. 04/12/2019
    Carbon allowance prices under Massachusetts' Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) power sector ETS remained high on the secondary market through the third quarter due to low liquidity and  market participants expecting future price increases, accordin...
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  10. 03/12/2019
    EUAs slumped to a two-week low below €24 on Tuesday as the energy complex continued to weaken, with key contracts hitting their lowest for years amid milder weather and ample supply.
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