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  1. 09/12/2023
    Here's Carbon Pulse's summary of stories from the last Saturday at COP28 in Dubai. Our tireless team of journalists have now published more than 150 articles from this year's UN climate summit, providing our readers with unrivalled coverage. We recko...
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  2. 09/12/2023
    With the direction of travel on the first ever stocktake of the Paris Agreement moving towards including "fossil phaseout" language in the text, sources inside negotiation rooms, country delegates, and climate stakeholders, underlined the substantial...
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  3. 09/12/2023
    The Marshall Islands shares the same concerns over climate change and rising sea levels as its Pacific Island neighbours but also makes significant revenue from its flag registry for ships and yachts, seemingly complicating the country's messaging on...
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  4. 09/12/2023
    Two fossil fuel dependent nations on Saturday backed a climate High Ambition Coalition (HAC) declaration at COP28 in Dubai authored by the Marshall Islands, with both of their respective environment ministers calling for an end to the use of fossil f...
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  5. 09/12/2023
    Rules governing carbon crediting under the Paris Agreement appear to be heading towards adoption despite some "melodrama" in negotiating rooms, as countries on Saturday  discussed the first draft decision text on Article 6.4 at COP28, with an "ambiti...
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  6. 09/12/2023
    Sweden and Switzerland have signed a declaration of intent to test the rules for international carbon markets in the field of removal technologies under Article 6, which they hope will pave the way towards establishing a market under the Paris Agreem...
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  7. 09/12/2023
    Brazil has climbed up 15 spots due to progressive climate policies, while the UK slipped back by nine ranks due to policy rollback, in a report published this week alongside COP28, which found no country was on track to limit global warming in line w...
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  8. 09/12/2023
    Most of the sectoral pledges announced during COP28 will not lead to a sufficient reduction in emissions to limit global warming by 1.5C, as many are already counted in national plans or lack sufficient ambition, a report published on Saturday found.
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  9. 09/12/2023
    The Australian government should fund demonstration projects that will generate biodiversity certificates in its Nature Repair Market scheme in order to generate interest and understanding among potential participants, experts said on the side lines ...
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  10. 09/12/2023
    Finland plans to achieve negative emissions by around 2040 by “aggressively” pursuing carbon capture, the country’s environment minister told an audience at the United Nations climate conference COP28 on Saturday.
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