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  1. 18/06/2024
    Market participants expressed trepidation over the possibility of a dive in RGGI Allowance (RGA) values after prices retreated from their peaks at the end of the week.
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  2. 18/06/2024
    A report published Monday by a US-based nonprofit found that obligating the electricity sector and including facility-specific caps under New York's future cap-and-invest programme (NYCI) - which is set to exclude the use of offsets - would help to r...
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  3. 17/06/2024
    Investigación concluye que bosques de Chiloé están entre los que más CO2 captan por hectárea en el mundo  Universidad de Chile
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  4. 17/06/2024
    Most EU leaders expressed their support for the 90% greenhouse gas emissions reduction target by 2030 put forward by the European Commission earlier this year during an Environment Council on Monday.
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  5. 17/06/2024
    Continental ya produce neumáticos sin emisiones de CO2 en Portugal  Fenadismer EnCarretera
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  6. 17/06/2024
    Light trading volumes and a slide in carbon credit retirements continued to sap confidence in the voluntary market last week, even before the usual slowdown over the summer holiday season has started.
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  7. 17/06/2024
    With the June options contract expiry just two days away, European carbon prices appeared to find a level with sellers' efforts to drive prices lower running into more robust buying interest, leaving EUAs lagging behind a steeper drop in natural gas ...
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  8. 17/06/2024
    A group of voluntary carbon market entities launched a coalition Monday to lobby for forestry credits to be better represented as part of the EU's removals framework.
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  9. 17/06/2024
    New EU reporting requirements for imports of certain goods could soon fuel a small, nascent voluntary trading market for one potent climate-warming pollutant — methane — and help to clamp down on its emissions.
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  10. 17/06/2024
    Stalled talks on a new goal for global climate finance marred tentative progress made on Article 6 negotiations at the mid-year UN climate summit in Bonn last week, which also saw the historic December agreement made by countries to transition away f...
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