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  1. 04/10/2022
    The CEO and owner of an electric vehicle company recently charged with committing Oregon Clean Fuels Program (OCFP) fraud by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and facing a multi-million-dollar penalty – the largest in agency history – sai...
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  2. 04/10/2022
    El sueño de volar sin emisiones de CO2  DW (Español)
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  3. 04/10/2022
    Introducing zero waste systems in cities around the world would be one of the quickest and most affordable ways to reduce CO2 and methane emissions, a report published on Tuesday found, with the potential to save 1.4 billion tonnes of CO2e from the w...
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  4. 04/10/2022
    A certifier expects to issue its first credits in the voluntary carbon market (VCM) this month, it revealed Tuesday as it rolled out a new methodology for forestry conservation that will quantify greenhouse gas removal.
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  5. 04/10/2022
    One of the world's few urban forestry offset projects to date has been awarded high marks by a ratings agency this week, while two cookstove schemes have had their ratings reaffirmed.
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  6. 04/10/2022
    Vueling evita la emisión de 60 toneladas de CO2 este verano | Noticias de Aerolíneas, Sostenibilidad | Revista de turismo  Preferente
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  7. 04/10/2022
    Integrating carbon removals into the EU ETS will be essential to meet the current near-zero emissions goal by 2040, with the issue a "blind spot" in light of its current lack of attention ahead of crunch reforms due by the end of the year, an event h...
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  8. 04/10/2022
    The methane leaks from the Nord Stream pipelines may escape EU emissions coverage amid uncertainty surrounding the alleged sabotage, experts suggested this week, meaning GHGs estimated as equivalent to the annual emissions of Denmark may evade accoun...
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  9. 04/10/2022
    EU carbon prices posted a €1 gain on Tuesday after trading mostly higher as the market considered reports that suggested EU institutions remain at odds over how to fund the REPowerEU initiative.
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  10. 04/10/2022
    Nasdaq’s carbon removals platform has opened a consultation on a methodology to earn carbon credits from accelerating the process of CO2 being stored by rocks, while it also this week announced a new removals insurance partnership.
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