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  1. 14/07/2020
    A New York-based firm will launch a hedge fund next month aimed at capitalising on the societal shift to a low-carbon economy, with 40% of its investment aimed at purchasing emissions allowances, according to media reports.
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  2. 14/07/2020
    Carbon Pulse has further expanded its roster of reporters, hiring a new Brussels-based correspondent to enhance the company's news coverage and data analysis during a crucial period for both EU climate policy and the continent's energy markets.
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  3. 14/07/2020
    Presumptive US Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden unveiled a new climate plan on Tuesday that incorporates a market-based clean energy standard and shortens the timeline for the US power sector to hit net zero emissions compared to recent legi...
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  4. 14/07/2020
    EUAs rebounded from an early dip on Tuesday, lifting back towards the previous session's 14-year high as many of the bloc's environment ministers talked up plans to raise the EU 2030 emissions target this year.
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  5. 14/07/2020
    The purpose of Project Manager is to ensure the successful delivery of the ETS CCRA 2020 Update project to ensure successful initiation, execution and transition to Business as Usual (BAU). This includes ensuring the successful delivery of the requir...
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  6. 14/07/2020
    Reporting to the Managing Director, Commercial (MDC), this Vice President (VP) position is a critical role. About 50% of the role will be focused on business development, in support of our primary objective of creating strong demand for TREES credits...
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  7. 14/07/2020
    The MDC’s primary responsibility will be on Emergent’s business development strategy and execution.  This includes shaping the go-to-market strategy, leading relationship development and negotiating sales of carbon credits both direct and through cha...
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  8. 14/07/2020
    Buyers are pushing up EU carbon prices at a rapid pace because they expect the 27-nation bloc to deliver a higher climate target for 2030, Germany’s environment minister said on Tuesday.
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  9. 14/07/2020
    California’s ETS floor price is on track to climb by more than 5% in 2021 after year-on-year inflation rebounded in June following a collapse during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to federal data released Tuesday.
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  10. 14/07/2020
    South Korea on Tuesday on Tuesday outlined the basics of its $60 billion Green New Deal, but the plan said nothing about a net zero emissions target or a carbon tax, both of which the ruling party had flagged ahead of the April parliamentary election...
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