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  1. 22/02/2019
    California state agencies on Friday kicked off the development of a Clean Miles Standard (CMS) to reduce the carbon footprint of app-based ride-sharing companies, such as Uber and Lyft, but officials have yet to decide how a possible crediting progra...
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  2. 22/02/2019
    A Washington state senator proposed a flat $15/tonne carbon tax on Thursday as part of a larger transportation funding package, potentially revitalising efforts to price CO2 in the Evergreen State after two separate initiatives failed last year.
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  3. 22/02/2019
    EU carbon prices fell to a fresh 2.5-month low on Friday before finding support and crawling back towards €19 for a big weekly loss that pushed EUAs deeper into bear market territory.
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  4. 22/02/2019
    Fossil fuel subsidies can drastically skew the overall impact of carbon pricing, according to new research that found the UK transport sector facing an net impact of more than £200/tCO2 (€230, $260) while some EU ETS-covered sectors face only £2.
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  5. 22/02/2019
    Closing prices, ranges and volumes for China's regional pilot carbon markets this week.
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  6. 22/02/2019
    Germany’s environment ministry wants to set a 2050 domestic emission cut goal of at least 95%, laying out its first draft Climate Action law as part of a law-making process that is likely to face heavy pushback.
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  7. 22/02/2019
    Swiss firm South Pole has sold its majority stake in Australian carbon offset project developer Climate Friendly back to the company.
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  8. 22/02/2019
    Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator this week issued nearly 90,000 carbon credits, a tenfold increase from last week’s low but still less than half of average issuances.
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  9. 22/02/2019
    A daily summary of our news plus bite-sized updates from around the world.
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  10. 22/02/2019
    California Carbon Allowance (CCA) prices rose slightly this week heading into the first WCI auction of the year, while RGGI allowances (RGAs) stalled amid a continued lack of market drivers.
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