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  1. 06/04/2020
    A daily summary of our news plus bite-sized updates from around the world.
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  2. 06/04/2020
    A trading and risk management analyst at London-based consultancy Redshaw Advisors has left the firm to join Oxford-headquartered offset project developer Climate Care.
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  3. 06/04/2020
    The Climate Change Program Evaluation Branch is seeking a manager to lead the Market Monitoring Section, which oversees the California Cap-and-Trade Program and plays an integral role in the continued development and evaluation of the emissions marke...
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  4. 06/04/2020
    Two Northeast US power sector carbon programmes may see higher future bank adjustments due to the effect of widespread ‘shelter-in-place’ orders to stem the COVID-19 outbreak, regulatory sources said.
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  5. 06/04/2020
    A federal judge agreed on Monday to move a pre-trial conference for the US federal government’s Constitutional challenge to the California-Quebec ETS linkage as the Department of Justice (DOJ) considers an amendment to its complaint.
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  6. 06/04/2020
    US biofuel credits (RINs) surged nearly 15% Monday on reported strong demand from obligated parties despite several uncertainties hanging over the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) market.
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  7. 06/04/2020
    EUAs raced up by over €2.50 to top €20 on Monday as shorts scrambled to cover positions and as wider European markets rallied on signs of a slowdown in coronavirus cases, even as oil prices declined.
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  8. 06/04/2020
    Being confined to our homes with the wider world firmly under lockdown due to the coronavirus, we have started a podcast: Carbon Pulse Conversations. Check out our first episode!
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  9. 06/04/2020
    A Brussels plan to impose a carbon price on imports may have widespread consequences for Ukraine's industry, the country has said, giving the clearest signal yet that the EU's neighbours are beginning to show concerns over the potentially divisive me...
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  10. 06/04/2020
    Hawaii legislators’ plans to approve a carbon levy proposal this year are in doubt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the economic fallout from the virus outbreak could present an opportunity to raise critical revenue for the tourism-dependent US stat...
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