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  1. 27/05/2023
    A daily summary of our news plus bite-sized updates from around the world.
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  2. 27/05/2023
    Financial players closed out short positions in RGGI Allowances (RGAs) while compliance entities continued to bolster net holdings across North American carbon markets, as WCI prices inched higher following last week’s auction of California Carbon Al...
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  3. 26/05/2023
    Científicos finalmente descubren el secreto del champagne  Clarín
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  4. 26/05/2023
    New research led by Australia's Southern Cross University reveals that while coastal ecosystems worldwide play a pivotal role in absorbing CO2, they also emit methane and nitrous oxide, offsetting their overall greenhouse gas sequestering effects.
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  5. 26/05/2023
    EU member states barely handed out any free 2023 carbon allowances to heavy industry this month, according to data released late Friday.
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  6. 26/05/2023
    A summary of legislative, regulatory, and policy action on carbon, clean fuel standard, and clean energy markets at the US federal and subnational levels this week, including Minnesota budget language to study a clean transportation fuel standard.
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  7. 26/05/2023
    Two more companies have agreed to drop their climate neutrality claims on certain products they sell this week, opting to settle rather than face rulings by German courts in cases brought by an NGO alleging that the carbon credits backing the claims ...
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  8. 26/05/2023
    The first futures contract for California Carbon Offsets (CCOs) with direct environmental benefits to the state (DEBs) and no invalidation risk changed hands on Nodal Exchange Friday morning, according to a press release from product developer IncubE...
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  9. 26/05/2023
    Argamasilla de Alba apuesta por la movilidad verde con la ...  Ayuntamiento de Argamasilla de Alba
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  10. 26/05/2023
    La tecnología solar convierte el CO2 y el agua en combustibles líquidos - World Energy Trade  worldenergytrade
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