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  1. 22/10/2020
    RGGI allowance (RGA) prices inched up to four-year highs on the secondary market this week as traders shifted positions further out on the curve, while California Carbon Allowance (CCA) values dropped slightly on thin volume.
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  2. 22/10/2020
    *PREMIUM LISTING (viewable by non-subscribers) – Carbon Pulse is looking for a news researcher to help bolster our coverage of the emerging emissions trading scheme in China and market developments in Japan and South Korea, as well as broader climate...
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  3. 22/10/2020
    US biofuel credit (RIN) values surged to a new annual high on Wednesday, while Republican senators asked the EPA to not increase the 2021 biofuels quota under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) due to the lingering economic effects of the coronavirus ...
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  4. 22/10/2020
    Chile and Quebec have held numerous discussions to share technical information on the Canadian province’s WCI-linked cap-and-trade programme and offset protocols with a view to potentially developing closer market ties over time, a government officia...
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  5. 22/10/2020
    European carbon rebounded on Thursday after plumbing a new four-month low near €23, with prices boosted by a solid auction result and gains in the wider energy complex.
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  6. 22/10/2020
    Germany’s current policies are putting it on course to miss its domestically-binding 2030 emissions reduction target, a report published on Thursday by its national environment agency UBA confirmed.
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  7. 22/10/2020
    Switzerland has scheduled its first ever aviation carbon allowance auction, government data showed, after the country brought the sector into its emissions trading scheme this year.
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  8. 22/10/2020
    The EU's environment ministers want to establish a firm process for setting a bloc-wide 2040 emissions target under the European Climate Law, aiming to bridge the 2030 and 2050 climate goals.
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  9. 22/10/2020
    A proposal for a European carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) should “mirror” the price dynamics of an EU ETS reinforced with a carbon price floor, the bloc's lead parliamentary lawmaker on the file proposed in a draft report ahead of a committ...
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  10. 22/10/2020
    This opportunity is to join the London team as the Technical and Policy Officer Manager/Director, reporting to the Managing Director to provide strategic guidance to the MNC platform and manage the emissions reductions project development element of ...
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