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  1. 01/06/2020
    Britain is aiming to establish its own domestic carbon market from 2021 that may or may not link to the EU ETS, the UK government confirmed on Monday as part of its long-awaited response to a public consultation, proposing a few ambitious features of...
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  2. 01/06/2020
    UpEnergy is seeking a highly motivated and experienced Project Manager to lead technical work associated with our existing and new carbon offset projects. The Project manager will be responsible for the coordinating teams of consultants who conduct t...
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  3. 01/06/2020
    EUAs dipped below €21 in quiet holiday trade on Monday, as wider market jitters about worsening US-China relations weighed across financial markets.
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  4. 01/06/2020
    California's WCI-capped fuel consumption rose year-on-year during February, but federal data shows the March figure significantly dropped off amid the economic fallout from the coronavirus scourge.
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  5. 01/06/2020
    British Columbia will soon release new product-based emissions benchmarks for the Canadian province’s industrial CO2 pricing mechanism, as it also updates the low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) regulation for changes slated to take effect next year, the...
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  6. 01/06/2020
    China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has distributed provincial-level renewable energy targets for 2020, pushing a slight increase in wind and solar this year as the nation prepares the launch of its mandatory market for renewabl...
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  7. 01/06/2020
    The Tianjin municipal government will auction off 2 million carbon permits under its pilot emissions trading scheme on June 10 to help firms meet 2019 compliance, with prices likely to come in well below current secondary market levels due to how the...
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  8. 01/06/2020
    Australian project developer Country Carbon has agreed to having its business practices strictly monitored by the government for a two-year period to address ‘compliance issues’ with regulations under the nation’s carbon offset market.
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  9. 31/05/2020
    China has given provincial and regional authorities an additional two months to submit lists of companies in their jurisdictions that will be included in the national emissions trading scheme and their 2019 CO2 emissions data, extending the deadline ...
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  10. 29/05/2020
    A daily summary of our news plus bite-sized updates from around the world.
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