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  1. 16/04/2021
    Deficits outpaced credit generation in the British Columbia Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) scheme for the third straight year in 2019, bringing the transportation sector programme’s aggregate short position to its steepest level yet, according to go...
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  2. 16/04/2021
    A daily summary of our news plus bite-sized updates from around the world.
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  3. 16/04/2021
    We are looking to hire established carbon/emissions brokers (individuals or teams) to join an ambitious and growing firm. Offering immediate access to clients with no competing internal desks or unproductive legacy relationships, we can offer highly ...
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  4. 16/04/2021
    A near doubling in the US’s Paris Agreement emissions reduction target is within reach, but still requires contributions from all economic sectors, researchers said Thursday.
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  5. 15/04/2021
    The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) finalised a carbon pricing policy statement on Thursday to inform future market rules for regional grid operators, with the agency concluding that incorporating a CO2 price on wholesale power markets...
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  6. 15/04/2021
    California Carbon Allowance (CCA) prices climbed on the secondary market this week due to rising 2022 floor expectations and an uptick of spread trading, while RGGI Allowance (RGA) values stagnated despite participants’ growing beliefs of unmet deman...
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  7. 15/04/2021
    EU ETS trading volume rose by more than a fifth in 2020 even as interest in auctions dwindled somewhat, according to a report published on Thursday.
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  8. 15/04/2021
    US financial regulators universally agree on the need for carbon pricing and a clear mandate to address climate change as a systemic financial risk, though data availability remains a challenge, participants said at a virtual panel on Thursday.
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  9. 15/04/2021
    The EU is likely to only partially link shipping to other carbon market sectors when it includes maritime in its cap-and-trade system, analysts said in a report released Thursday, adding that any move to include shipping would be unlikely before 2023...
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  10. 15/04/2021
    Apple announced a fund on Thursday to invest in profitable forestry projects that remove carbon, with the tech giant aiming to use the GHG reductions to reach its 2030 CO2 neutrality goal.
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