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  1. 26/05/2022
    *PREMIUM LISTING – Calyx Global is looking for a person to lead and manage its SDG ratings. This is an important role for the company, as it speaks to half of its mission—improving the impact of markets for people living in and around project areas.
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  2. 26/05/2022
    *PREMIUM LISTING – Gold Standard is seeking a Government Relations Manager, to lead Gold Standard’s work and relationships with governments across the world.
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  3. 25/05/2022
    California regulator ARB distributed the smallest number of compliance offsets this week since spring 2020, while traders reported credits tagged with in-state benefits were seeing increasingly higher values than out-of-state units.  
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  4. 25/05/2022
    Tokenisation and the use of blockchain is a double-edged sword that needs high water marks to provide integrity in carbon markets, a conference heard Wednesday following earlier news that Verra stopped crypto companies from tokenising credits that ha...
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  5. 25/05/2022
    EUA prices consolidated their gains from Tuesday after early strength, but failed to re-take a key technical level amid thin trading as participants eyed public holidays across much of Europe in the coming few days.
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  6. 25/05/2022
    The difference between the voluntary carbon market (VCM) and compliance carbon markets will continue to blur, speakers told a conference on Wednesday, ahead of hotly-anticipated standards to be published later this year.
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  7. 25/05/2022
    The pathway for decarbonising the aviation sector will be a political decision because of the lack of available biofuels, while public investment in infrastructure for alternative energies will require concrete evidence of emission reductions rather ...
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  8. 25/05/2022
    Gradually introducing permit auctioning and transitioning to a cap-and-trade system from the current intensity-based approach are some of the measures China can put in place to achieve deeper carbon cuts from its ETS at a lower cost, according to a s...
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  9. 25/05/2022
    The four nations known as the Quad countries – Australia, India, Japan, and the US – will launch a mission to help the Indo-Pacific region implement Article 6 of the Paris Agreement while backing high-quality carbon markets.
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  10. 25/05/2022
    Voluntary carbon standard manager Verra will with immediate effect stop companies like Toucan Protocol from tokenising carbon credits that have been retired, and instead explore an alternative, it said Wednesday.
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