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  1. 22/10/2021
    Only around an eighth of possible supply from CDM projects could deliver abatement that would not otherwise happen if those carbon-cutting activities were allowed to transition into the Paris Agreement regime, according to researchers.
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  2. 22/10/2021
    A daily summary of our news plus bite-sized updates from around the world.
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  3. 22/10/2021
    Pilot trading in Russia’s domestic carbon market is expected to start before the end of next year, according to a senior bank official, with at least three regions looking to launch pricing schemes.
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  4. 22/10/2021
    EU leaders postponed a decision on bloc-wide measures to tackle surging energy prices and ETS speculation late on Thursday, tasking their energy ministers to reach agreement as soon as next week.
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  5. 22/10/2021
    California Carbon Allowance (CCA) prices leapt to a new all-time high this week as speculators kept up purchases and entities continued to roll positions en masse, while RGGI Allowance (RGA) values also notched new records as more financial players o...
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  6. 21/10/2021
    As US President Joe Biden’s flagship emissions reduction proposal falters due to the intransigence of a coal-state senator, other Democratic legislators have set their sights on a state-led subsidy package and other alternatives to move the nation’s ...
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  7. 21/10/2021
    Most public oil and gas companies have not set emissions reduction targets that align with the Paris Agreement’s objective to limit the rise in the global temperature to below 1.5C, new research has found.
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  8. 21/10/2021
    Greater oversight by the federal government is necessary to ensure voluntary emissions reductions (VERs) provide significant environmental and economic benefits, with proposed Congressional legislation on a carbon offset certification system serving ...
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  9. 21/10/2021
    EUAs shrugged off weakness in energy markets on Thursday to consolidate below key resistance in their narrowest trading range in a week, after prices had fluctuated by an average €3.43 over the previous three days.
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  10. 21/10/2021
    A leak of government inputs into part III of the UN-backed IPCC scientific panel’s upcoming landmark climate report shows how several nations are pushing for a prominent role for CCS and carbon trading in global mitigation efforts.
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