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  1. 24/04/2019
    California should reject the use of REDD tropical forest protection credits under its carbon market because it won’t ensure emission cuts and could pave the way for much greater use by airlines under the UN’s CORSIA offsetting mechanism, a cross-part...
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  2. 24/04/2019
    EUAs slipped on Wednesday as a weak auction result pushed carbon back to technical support levels and further away from the 11-year high near €28 that was approached a day earlier.
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  3. 24/04/2019
    Virginia’s final cap-and-trade regulation includes language to implement the programme even if it faces any delays from the Republican-controlled legislature, while deferring a decision on regulating biomass emissions to future programme reviews, acc...
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  4. 24/04/2019
    South Korean carbon allowances rose to 10-month highs in Wednesday trade as available supply remained elusive, driving buyers to bid higher with just over two months left to the compliance deadline.
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  5. 24/04/2019
    Japan is in the final stages of developing its long term climate action plan with focus firmly on technology development, sparking criticism that the government is “procrastinating”.
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  6. 24/04/2019
    The Canadian industry associations’ claims about the negative impact of carbon pricing on jobs and competitiveness are exaggerated and lack empirical evidence. Pollution pricing incentivises companies to innovate, which will be necessary to guarantee...
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  7. 24/04/2019
    A daily summary of our news plus bite-sized updates from around the world.
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  8. 23/04/2019
    The Washington state legislature on Monday approved a bill to move the Evergreen State to a 100% carbon-free electric grid by 2045 and align the policy with a possible cap-and-trade programme, as Nevada’s governor signed off on doubling the state’s R...
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  9. 23/04/2019
    EUAs rose to within reach of this month’s 11-year high on Tuesday, resuming their upward course following the Easter break’s jump in oil prices.
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  10. 23/04/2019
    Non-EU nations Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein will begin auctioning EU carbon allowances in June, the European Commission announced late on Tuesday, cueing up the long-delayed sales after the formal requirements were fulfilled.
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