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  1. 28/07/2021
    California minted almost 1 million new compliance-grade offsets over the past two weeks, but these issuances came as a new West Coast wildfire appeared to impact another existing forestry project registered under the WCI-linked cap-and-trade programm...
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  2. 28/07/2021
    The EU on Wednesday released its national allocation tables determining free carbon allowance allocations for 2021-25 after several months of delays, revealing quotas of permits to be given to emitters in most of the countries participating in the EU...
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  3. 28/07/2021
    The UK government has opened a consultation into proposed amendments to its emissions trading legislation in order to correct “outstanding technical issues identified during the development and legislation of the scheme”.
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  4. 28/07/2021
    Brazilian offset developer Biofilica announced its acquisition by a multinational environmental management firm on Tuesday, with the purchase aimed at generating 10 times as many voluntary emissions reductions (VERs) compared to current volumes and e...
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  5. 28/07/2021
    Carbon on Wednesday consolidated its gains from earlier in the week, as a strong auction result and firm energy prices bolstered sentiment ahead of the annual reduction in auction supply.
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  6. 28/07/2021
    A Texas-based hedge fund opened a RGGI CO2 Allowance Tracking System (COATS) account on Wednesday, with the firm having been linked to two previous speculative accounts under a different name.
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  7. 28/07/2021
    Norway’s Equinor on Wednesday defended its plans to extract more oil and gas, fending off analyst questions about whether the company risked legal action over a lack of climate ambition.
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  8. 28/07/2021
    Hungary-based airline Wizz Air expects its passenger capacity to reach pre-pandemic levels this summer, it said on Wednesday while criticising Brussels' proposals for an EU-wide tax on jet fuel.
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  9. 28/07/2021
    Large oil and gas companies are behind most of the recent increase in demand for Australian carbon credits, which has seen prices rise by more than a quarter this year, according to analysts.
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  10. 28/07/2021
    Seven Chinese provinces will pilot a system that requires governments to take CO2 emissions into account when approving new projects in energy-intensive industries, most of which are on the list to be brought into the national emissions trading schem...
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