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  1. 15/01/2020
    Oregon Republicans are open to walking out on the upcoming legislative session for a second straight year to protest a revised WCI-modelled ETS bill released this week, arguing the proposal should instead be decided by a ballot initiative.
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  2. 15/01/2020
    Allocations of free carbon allowances to new and expanding companies in the EU ETS ground to a crawl in the second half of 2019, with nearly two thirds of the over 310 million units assigned to the bloc’s New Entrants’ Reserve (NER) remaining unclaim...
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  3. 15/01/2020
    EUAs climbed back above €24 on Wednesday, unwinding the previous session's losses then making further gains as the day's two allowance auctions cleared at premiums to reflect stronger demand.
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  4. 15/01/2020
    California regulator ARB should consider an automatic supply-cutting mechanism in the WCI-linked carbon market, and subsequently should adjust the compliance value of banked permits, according to a watchdog report released Wednesday.
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  5. 15/01/2020
    The EU's Parliament gave its firm backing to the European Green Deal on Wednesday, while stressing that the bloc needs interim targets towards its 2050 net zero emission goal.
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  6. 15/01/2020
    China’s decision to make its ETS intensity-based rather than having an absolute CO2 cap will make emission cuts more expensive, according to researchers, who say the system can still achieve significant reductions.
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  7. 15/01/2020
    NZUs rose further on Wednesday to extend this week's record high, but with secondary market prices now 16% above the 2019 Fixed Price Option level some market participants expect increased volatility in the next few months.
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  8. 15/01/2020
    US Congressional lawmakers have introduced a bipartisan act for a phase-down of highly potent HFC refrigerant gases, aiming to sidestep President Donald Trump's refusal to ratify a UN pact amendment that would accomplish those goals.
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  9. 14/01/2020
    Quebec’s initial free allocation for 2020 remained stagnant year-on-year as regulated parties received their allowances, according to data published by the environmental ministry.
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  10. 14/01/2020
    Overall CO2 output in the 13-state PJM region would fall if the grid operator's member states implemented a carbon border adjustment, but the programme's three RGGI participants would see slight emission increases, according to initial modelling resu...
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