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  1. 23/02/2021
    The Colombian government next month will introduce legislation to impose a CO2 tax on coal-fired power, expanding the reach of the country’s existing $5/tonne carbon fee, a media outlet reported Tuesday.
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  2. 23/02/2021
    The premium for California Carbon Offsets financially backed against invalidation is rising amid increasing supply and lower demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, while participants continue to question whether an influx of buying will occur this year...
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  3. 23/02/2021
    Ecosystem restoration organisation Viridis Terra International launched a sustainable impact investment fund on Tuesday, targeting a 7% average annualised return on its initial batch of Peruvian forestry projects that will generate carbon credits and...
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  4. 23/02/2021
    EUAs rose late for the second straight session on Tuesday, supported by a resurgent energy complex as prices get nearer to their record levels reached earlier this month.
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  5. 23/02/2021
    Environmental commodities trading firm STX Group has reached an agreement to buy a majority stake in Budapest-based rival carbon brokers Vertis, the companies announced late Tuesday.
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  6. 23/02/2021
    Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator has issued over 180,000 carbon credits in its latest round, as secondary market offset prices remain stable after earlier this month hitting their highest since the dismantling of the carbon pricing mechanism.
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  7. 23/02/2021
    A daily summary of our news plus bite-sized updates from around the world.
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  8. 22/02/2021
    Verra is seeking two Registry Administrators to handle all day-to-day registry functions of the newly in-housed Verra Registry.
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  9. 22/02/2021
    California diesel consumption eclipsed 2019 levels in November amid heavy port activity in the Golden State, while gasoline sales continued to languish during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to state data published Monday.
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  10. 22/02/2021
    The free allocation of the first carbon allowances under the UK's new emissions trading scheme is being held up because the handouts depend on EU calculations, even though the systems are separate.
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