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  1. 13/01/2021
    A third of the allowances on offer at 2021’s first South Korean carbon auction were left unsold on Wednesday as the market continues to be gripped by bearish sentiment.
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  2. 13/01/2021
    Two environmental groups asked a North Carolina commission on Tuesday to move forward with a rulemaking to enact a RGGI-aligned cap-and-trade regulation, aiming to extend the regional US power sector programme further into the South.
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  3. 12/01/2021
    An investment firm has acquired a majority stake in a Houston-based environmental trading firm, the two parties announced Tuesday.
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  4. 12/01/2021
    Washington state legislators put forth a WCI-modelled carbon market bill this week as requested by Governor Jay Inslee (D), with the proposal aiming to enforce compliance obligations on power importers and natural gas suppliers several years after ot...
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  5. 12/01/2021
    EUAs jumped to a new all-time high above €35 on Tuesday as gas and other European energy prices spiked on a looming blast of colder weather.
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  6. 12/01/2021
    California’s lone nuclear power plant could be offline for several months, potentially resulting in the utilisation of more carbon-emitting sources to cover electricity demand in the first half of the year, several market participants said.
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  7. 12/01/2021
    US GHG output is expected to have plummeted by double digits last year due to lower fuel consumption brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and a continued decline in coal-fired power, but analysts foresee these cuts will not sustain absent a structu...
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  8. 12/01/2021
    A Singapore-based energy trading firm has hired a former offset originator with Shell to help build a carbon trading business.
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  9. 12/01/2021
    Developers under contract with Australia’s Emissions Reduction Fund have delivered more than 1.5 million carbon credits to the government since the start of December, while reports say Chevron is facing fresh problems with storing carbon at its Gorgo...
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  10. 12/01/2021
    South Korean carbon allowances have dropped by 38% since mid-December, as bearish sentiment has returned after an end to surging demand from energy companies.
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