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  1. 17/09/2020
    A daily summary of our news plus bite-sized updates from around the world.
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  2. 17/09/2020
    A popular corporate standard for net zero emissions goals has relaxed its previously hard line against the use of carbon credits, a move that may fuel further growth in the voluntary offset market.
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  3. 16/09/2020
    Any allowance supply adjustment to California’s cap-and-trade scheme should be permanent or placed at a higher price tier, while the coronavirus pandemic may necessitate further evaluations of the WCI-linked scheme’s allocation methodologies, the sta...
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  4. 16/09/2020
    Oregon Democrats will not attempt to pass a WCI-modelled cap-and-trade bill during the 2021 lawmaking session after two consecutive GOP walkouts thwarted action on ETS proposals in the Beaver State, a legislator told Carbon Pulse.
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  5. 16/09/2020
    Leveraging South Pole’s unparalleled expertise, track record and global team to develop business around carbon emissions reduction projects, this exciting new role will start with managing our existing project base across two methods: savanna burning...
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  6. 16/09/2020
    In the Australian Carbon Projects Development Coordinator role, you will oversee the timely, effective generation and delivery of environmental products such as emission reductions or renewable energy certificates.
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  7. 16/09/2020
    We are looking for two passionate and motivated individuals with strong analytical and problem solving skills to join the Carbon Trust as Analysts. The successful candidates will work in project teams to deliver high quality, high impact advice to cl...
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  8. 16/09/2020
    Working to the Head of Commonwealth, Regional Engagement and Climate, this role is at the heart of climate policy within our regional team. This role is working within a highly ambitious and active regional climate team and global climate network
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  9. 16/09/2020
    A conservation organisation and two US-based offset project developers on Wednesday announced a five-year pilot programme for land trusts to access voluntary carbon markets, with a focus on forestry and grasslands initiatives.
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  10. 16/09/2020
    China is willing to contribute more on climate change and is studying carbon neutrality as part of a long-term strategy, according to a comment by a foreign ministry spokesman that was enthusiastically welcomed internationally but met with scepticism...
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